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the griffins eyrie

20 December 1964
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well i am a artist been drawing since i was around five. have lead a random life from school to wondering the u.s.a. looking for myself, still looking. most ladies call me a teddy bear becaseu of how easy it is for them to talk to me. other than that i just your no were near normal guy. i fight in a group called the S.C.A. where i have learned a lot about the past and the use of most weapons from a mace to a pole arm. it's fun. growing up the way i did i am still kinda a hippie love mother earth and stuff like that kinda makes me a strange perosn i prech peace and love but put on my armor and stomp my friends into the dirt. it's kinda like valhalla we fight all day the dead rise and we party all night then do it again the next day.
art. comics, drawing, fantasy art, furries, s.c.a. combat